Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun Things of the Day: Moore Monday Edition

Check out the fantastic folk art of Alan Moore and his daughters Isabella and Emma. They were recently featured in Southern Child magazine. You can check out the article here and then view more of their art on Alan's website, Isabella and Emma's website, the family site, at their etsy stores (folkartistalanmoore and lilsistersfolkart) and on facebook (Alan and Isabella & Emma).

Here are the two Alan Moore pieces that make my kitchen a bright and happy place:

"Four Orange Birds on an Orange Four"

"I Think Mildred Loves Purple"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Swing Dance Stories

Back in college at the University of Florida, I choreographed for a little dance troupe called Bounce Me Brother. I got my start dancing as a member of the troupe. A couple of semesters, we performed with the Dancin' Gators, a student-run dance company. Now, three years later, the Florida Swing Dancing Club's enthusiastic hepcats are still shaking a wicked calf on the Phillips Center Stage. Here's a video of this year's beginner performance:

My senior year of school, my friend Weston and I joked about doing a routine to "Never Had a Friend Like Me" from Aladdin. This year, the advanced troupe actually did it!

I'm so proud of my swing babies and wish I could have been there to see them perform. Still, yay for youtube and facebook for bringing them to me here in West Virginia. Love you all!